Meet The Artist

George Preschler

George Preschler began his jewelry career in his mid-teens more than 40 years ago. Intrigued with watch making, his first job was as a watchmaker's apprentice where he experienced first hand the intricacies of fine craftsmanship. It was then a natural transition into jewelry making where George was fortunate to have been mentored by a number of gifted jewelry designers. Always curious and wanting to discover how things worked, George spent a great deal of time with master goldsmiths and stonecutters, watching over their shoulders and absorbing a full range of techniques and design approaches.


The Creative Process

Fully committed to jewelry design, George attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where he added to his stone setting knowledge and gem identification. George believes that learning to make jewelry is like a musician who learns his music. A great musician is not necessarily a good composer, and a technically proficient jeweler is not necessarily a good designer.


The Creative Process


Designing is completely different. For George it really is all about great design. A trip to Europe years ago was a turning point in his career. Intrigued by the simplicity, clean lines and artistic functionality of German and Swiss jewelry designers, George allowed their aesthetic influence to become a driving force in his design approach. As a result, his designs, most consisting of a few structural elements, reveal both technical mastery and flawless artistry. Contemporary, modern, urban classic might be words that describe a Preschler piece. Lapidary, or gemstone cutting, is another skill set that is used to complete some of his jewelry designs. Always on the lookout for unusual stones and different materials to use in his designs, his gemstone work is also a hallmark of a Preschler piece. Here again, fresh, creative and innovative design is what motivates George Preschler. This approach continues to serve his clients well year after year.